The term “Terroir” represents the essence of a region. It integrates its identity, land, history, climate and soils. It is the common denominator of regions and defines their colors, flavors, and scents.

I accompany you, off the beaten path, to meet winemakers, olive oil producers, exceptional perfume flowers, perfumers, chefs, market gardeners... all passionate and committed to respecting their “Terroir” and passing on their knowhow.

Soak up the multitude of flavors and scents that constitute the regional wealth. Take the time to live a truly French experience to sharpen your five senses and dive into the heart of an authentic and unknown Provence and Côte d’Azur for a day.

For a full or half day trip, I customize your itineraries according to your desires and your sensibilities. Depending on the season and availability of winemakers, producers and craftsmen, we create a program that will make you live an authentic experience, close to the land.

Here are just a few examples of our visits to mix and match :

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From the flower to the perfume
in Grasse

Explore the production of perfume flowers on the emblematic Grasse Terroir, recently classified as intangible heritage by Unesco. Meet a producer who will immerse you in the heart of this ancestral culture at the origin of the greatest perfumes. A rich and complex sensory journey.

Create your perfume thanks to an exclusive workshop with a professional

Learn how to make your own fragrance with a dedicated perfumer in an intimate and inspiring setting. Immerse yourself in your olfactory memory and your emotions.

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100% Provence wines: emblematic land of rosés but not only ...

On the wine route of Provence, from Nice to the Esterel and “massif of Sainte Beaume”, between narrow valleys and maritime borders, soak up the landscapes and quality of light that shape this vineyard composed of a wide variety of wines and flavours.

Explore this sunny terroir, particularly propitious to elegant and refined rosé wines, aromatic whites and rich, fleshy reds with complex flora, spicy or animal notes.

Identify the grape varieties, discover local winemakers dedicated to excellence and enjoy a wine tasting.

Nice olive oil: a thousand-year-old culture

Discover the Original Appellation "Olives de Nice" and the Cailletier variety that gives this special and refined taste to local olive oil: dive into the heart of oil production accompanied by the owner-grower. Taste and savor different oils and understand why flavors can be so varied and how to combine them for cooking.

Culinary workshop, local and seasonal products, led by a chef

Culinary workshop, local and seasonal products, led by a chef

Play the chef with a unique culinary workshop featuring seasonal fruits, vegetables and flowers. Make, share and enjoy your dish for the greatest pleasure.

Meet a market gardener, live the terroir

Visit the garden with the producer and pick seasonal vegetables and aromatics; continue with a culinary demonstration using the products of the day.

Atelier culinaire tour cote d'azur

Gourmet lunches and local flavors

Each day trip is highlighted by a lunch break or typical “pique-nique” that promotes local flavors and seasonal products. A gourmet time to savor the Provençal specialties and awaken your 5 senses.


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